Jimmy McGriff - All About My Girl

All About My Girl

Jimmy McGriff 23 hours ago
Charlie Sepulveda - Mr. EP

Mr. EP

Charlie Sepulveda 23 hours ago
Billie Holiday - Autumn In New York

Autumn In New York

Billie Holiday 23 hours ago
Alvin Queen Trio - Night Train

Night Train

Alvin Queen Trio 23 hours ago
Jacqui Naylor - Smile


Jacqui Naylor 23 hours ago
Stanley Turrentine - Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love

Stanley Turrentine 23 hours ago
David Egan - Blues How They Linger

Blues How They Linger

David Egan 23 hours ago
Jason Moran - Arizona Landscape

Arizona Landscape

Jason Moran 23 hours ago
Dizzy Gillespie - Be-Bop


Dizzy Gillespie 23 hours ago
Nicola Conte Jazz Combo - All or Nothing At All (feat. Jose James)

All or Nothing At All (feat. Jose James)

Nicola Conte Jazz Combo 23 hours ago
Προβολή περισσότερων

Jazz24 ζωντανά

Jazz 24 is an online radio channel part of KNKX 88.5 FM that live streams 24/7 the best Jazz music of all time. The channel has studios in Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, and streams a combination of playlists and live studio sessions.

Jazz 24 offers mostly a selection of Jazz music from renowned artists such as Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, Wynton Marsalis, and Diana Krall, mixing it occasionally with innovative approaches to this music genre like Latin or Funk Jazz, among other surprising blends.

Κατηγορίες:  Jazz

Συχνότητες Jazz24

Σιάτλ: Online

Τακόμα: Online

Τόκιο: Online

Κορυφαία τραγούδια

Τελευταίες 7 ημέρες:

1. Peter Bernstein - Blood Wolf Moon Blues

2. Larry Goldings - Sous Le Ciel De Paris

3. Joshua Redman Quartet - Headin' Home

4. Harry Allen - Antigua

5. Chet Baker - Minor Yours

6. Don Byron - Mango Meat

7. Dean Schmidt - I Know Nothing

8. Jason Moran - Arizona Landscape

9. Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood - Sham Time

10. Thomas Fonnesbæk, Aaron Parks & Karsten Bagge - I'm on Fire

Τελευταίες 30 ημέρες:

1. George Benson - Paper Moon

2. Larry Goldings - Sous Le Ciel De Paris

3. Eric Alexander - One for Steve

4. Hank Crawford - It's All Good

5. Peter Bernstein - Carrot Cake

6. Sadao Watanabe - Vamos Juntos

7. Christian McBride - Used 'Ta Could

8. Joshua Redman Quartet - Headin' Home

9. Peter Bernstein - Blood Wolf Moon Blues

10. David Hazeltine - Dont' Walk Away


Ιστοσελίδα:  www.jazz24.org


2601 4th Ave Suite 150 Seattle, WA 98121 USA


+1 877-677-565



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